Case Studies

Providing the best services for our clients is our priority, that’s why Medcase Health is focused on having an extensive list of clinicians and experts available.

One of our clients, a Fortune 20 company, required clinicians for a data project. Using the Medcase Health feature in our platform, our client was able to quickly hire over 50 clinicians from the US within 2 days.
Thanks to the Medcase Health marketplace, our client saved valuable time, money, and administrative difficulties, all the while maintaining their need for full auditable records of clinicians. Now all their data is centralized and verifiable.

One client, a fast growing startup required clinicians to label 100000+ x ray images for lung cancer. Traditionally, they relied on an internal workforce of clinicians based in the USA. Utilizing the Medcase Health marketplace, the client was able to leverage clinicians from all across the globe for the initial data labeling / annotation with a review by US board certified clinicians saving on average 80% of the cost per label while not sacrificing quality.

Your company could be the next to join the Medcase Health platform and start building your data projects with the help of the best experts in the industry.

and let us start providing for you.